Size Charts


After selecting your ring design, it will be important to know which size ring best fits your finger. Below we will provide two methods to best measure your ring size.


Method 1)

Measurement steps:

-       Cut a piece of paper 5.00mm wide and of approximate length


-       Wrap the paper strip around your finger


-       Where the paper strip forms a circle, mark with a pen


-       Measure the length of the paper up to the mark with a ruler


-       Compare with the conversion chart below; Eterna Jewellery uses Hong Kong ring size for all our rings



Method 2)

Measure an existing ring: - Prepare a ring that properly and snugly fits your intended finger - Place ring over table below lining up the edges of the ring carefully. This measurement will determine your ring size - If your size falls between two sizes, in-between sizes are available (e.g. size 12.5)


Free Resizing is available for all rings.  Please contact us by email, phone or simply come to our office, with the original invoice handy, to arrange for your free re-size.