About Us

To Us, Jewellery tells a story of Love, Commitment and Time

Eterna Jewellery started as a collaboration between two artistic, young entrepreneurs who wanted to create jewellery that are both a fashionable statement and a work of art. 

To us, rings are given to loved ones as a sign of Promise, Love and Eternity. No other piece of jewellery hold so much meaning and promise as an engagement ring; a symbol of two people's commitment for each other or a wedding ring that is a symbol of love from here to eternity.

Therefore for Eterna Jewellery, jewellery pieces should never come out from a production line. Each piece of jewellery is custom hand made in Hong Kong with the highest level of passion and craftsmanship, as such all our pieces are customisable. The best diamonds and gemstones possible are used for our pieces and we only use genuine gemstones.

As both an artist and entrepreneur, Henry ‘Pak Ho’ Cheng and his partner Ivy Cham are involved in every single step of the creative process, from initial sketches to polished finished pieces. In their workshop, traditional materials such as gold, silver and platinum are worked alongside the modern unconventional look of titanium, carbon fiber and ceramics to create jewellery of enduring beauty and quality.