Custom Jewellery

Here at Eterná Jewellery, we believe that the design process should be as exciting as the end result. Therefore in creating the bespoke jewellery you are after, we invite you to join us in every step of the way to create the one of a kind jewellery you are after.


From wherever the inspiration came from, we will work with your idea whether it is from a rough sketch, photo, or a concept to bring that dream into life.


At Eterná Jewellery, we are experts in our field and creating fashionable and enduring jewellery pieces are our passion. Therefore if you are unsure of the design features, whether it is a ring for yourself or if it is a gift to someone else, we are here to advice you on design options every step of the way.


You are welcome to visit us at our office for a chat, call us, or send us an email (, before moving onto the design stage. Once the direction and budget has been established, we will find that perfect diamond or gem to create your inspired masterpiece that would stand for all time.